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Sweet Pea Growing Guide

Growing Sweet Peas from Seed

Sweet peas are a delightfully fragrant plant with a long flowering period – one of the garden's most beloved. This unassuming classic is perfectly suited for the Nordic climate. Plant or sow your sweet peas by the fence, trellis, or pergola. Harvest plenty of bouquets and remove faded blooms to extend flowering, allowing you to enjoy the sweet peas well into late summer. Let's start from the beginning: Week 10-12 is a good time to sow the first seeds indoors.

You will need:

  • Sweet pea seeds
  • Sowing soil or planting soil
  • Something to plant sweet pea seeds in, such as a small pot. 
  • Plastic film or a small plastic bag
  • Water
  • Name tags

For transplanting:

  • Planting soil
  • Zeta's sweet pea fertilizer
  • Victoria's Organic nutrients

Here's what you do:

  1. Fill a plastic pot with densely packed planting soil. Water thoroughly and place sweet pea seeds on the surface, then top up with new soil. Cover with plastic film with holes or place the pot in a plastic bag held open. Put the pot in a plastic bag like a mini greenhouse. Do not tie the opening. Place the plants in a bright window, preferably not in direct sunlight.

  2. After about 1-5 weeks depending on the variety, you should see the first leaves. When the plants are about 7-10 centimeters tall, they can be placed outdoors (when the first pair of leaves has emerged) but protected if the temperature drops below minus 5-6 degrees Celsius. Leave the pot in an open plastic bag. May is usually a good time to plant the seedlings in their final location. Mix Zeta's sweet pea fertilizer into the soil before planting. Plant them a bit deeper than they are in the current pot. This encourages new roots along the stem.


  • Water with liquid fertilizer such as gold water (1 part urine and 10 parts water) every other week. Victoria's organic nutrients also work well throughout the season. Water sweet peas regularly and not with a sprayer on the leaves, but on the soil. Sweet peas do not like to dry out!

  • Tie up the plants on tall branches (not bamboo sticks as they slip off and do not provide support). Keep in mind that many varieties grow tall, sometimes up to 2.50 meters. Do not choose supports that are too short! Reinforcing steel also works excellently as a trellis or support. Consider placing a trellis top at the top for a beautiful detail that keeps the branches in place.

  • Pick flowers regularly to encourage the formation of new buds. Flowers last longer in a bouquet if picked in the morning before the sun comes up. Place them in a beautiful sweet pea vase on the bedside table or even in the bathroom.


  • Unused seeds can be placed in the freezer or refrigerator to preserve viability. Put the seeds in a coffee filter or seed bag and then in a jar with a tight-sealing lid. They will keep for over 10 years in the freezer.

Good luck!


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